Big Kat (Stress Ball)



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Big Katz (Stress Balls)

Big Kats are 50.00 each.

The following are the four kinds to choose from:

Tyrone the Tiger (Stripes);

Pattie the Panther (Onyx);

Lionel the Lion (Leo);

Jasper the Jaguar (Jazzy);

Delivery/Pick-up time estimated time frame from 2 – 4 weeks.

Combo Price

If you order a Big Kat with a Kat Mat, the price together is $65.00;

Grass on the Kat Mat is an additional $10.00 each color;

Additional information

Stress Ball Type

Tyrone the Tiger (aka Stripes), Lionel the Lion (aka Leo), Pattie the Panther (aka Onyx), Jasper the Jaguar (aka Jazzy)


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